KC & Kevin Sears

Dear friends,

Make Shop Live is a community which supports a lifestyle that embraces process over product.  Whether you are interested in learning fun crafts, living healthy and recycling, or have a love for the skills and quality of handmade art, this is the place for you!

Eco-chic meets funky vintage in the Make Shop Live boutique. The products, handmade by designer KC Cooper Sears, range from stationery to jewelry and home décor. Many of our products had a former life — as can of beer, vinyl records or gift cards. We merge odd items and extend the possibilities of materials into new life by upcycling. When not creating, we advocate the sourcing of materials from everyday locations and using earth friendly products.

Make Shop Live is based out of Culver City, CA.

Join us, and let’s make something together.
KC and Kevin Sears